Easy repair

Reliable repairable

Our luminaries have an understandable design, which makes them convenient for repair because all parts can be easily replaced

Condensation resistance

Lights are resistant to moisture

Our lights are protected from condensation due to the specific valve that prevents moisture.

Convenience and modularity

Adaptive solutions

Our luminaries adapt to any conditions. You can bend them, install different lenses, combine, control distantly, and get a ready modular system with a set of spare parts

No LED overheating

Smart technologies
that reflect quality

Our lights have specific radiators that take heat away from the LED. It guarantees its protection, brightness, and long service life

No driver overheating

Engineering solutions
that save quality

In our lights, the driver and LEDs are separated from each other, which protects them from overheating

About us

Exel company, the industrial LED lighting supplier

Exel was founded in 2004 and has successfully established itself in work with large oil and gas projects.

Our specialization is developing and supplying high-quality explosion-proof LED lamps and equipment from the lightingmanufacturer to the Russian and CIS markets. Our core business is explosion-proof, high-temperature, and moisture-proof LED lights.

Over 17 years of work, we realized that we want not only to create new models of lighting from the manufacturer but to find ways to solve global problems of the entire industry. Condensation formation and non-maintainability are the main ones.

Our team has created EXELED lights, which have a special valve that prevents breakdown and moisture inside the structure. Replacing general industrial lighting fixtures allows our Clients not only to forget about problems with the premises but also to feel a significant economic effect.


We offer the best equipment and services

Personal approach to customers
High-quality products from Russian manufacturer located in St. Petersburg city
Exclusive solution development on personal orders
Free delivery to the transport company
Long service life. Up to 10 years warranty.
All products are certified for compliance with TR CU 012/2011 and RMRS.

LED lights from the manufacturer EXELED means...


The design provides a reliable and long-term service, which guarantees a payback (30 years is the life of the lamp, 10 years is the warranty period of the LED, and for a driver, it is more 5 years from the date of commissioning).


The ability to build any lighting system using a universal LED module.


The possibility of creating control systems for explosion-proof lighting.


Exel company has the ISO 9001 certificate, indicating a quality management system at the enterprise and compliance with the STO Gazprom 9001 system. All products are certified for compliance with TR CU 012/2011 and RMRS.

Our projects

Our projects

Remote led driver


LED overheating


Lights for High Temperatures




Condensation protection

Articles from professionals in their field



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