About the project:

Subject: Refinery

It was required to install LED lighting with sufficient luminous flux at the oil loading rack for ease of operation.


Old lights with Dnat lamps were not effective because of the quick wear and frequent lamp replacing.

When they began to change to modern LED lamps, it turned out that the purchased ones had a very small illumination angle and the space above the lights was not visible enough.

The goal:

To provide ease of movement and maintenance on the oil loading rack and achieve a high level of illumination of the premises.


  1. To choose lighting with the greatest opening angle of the luminous flux;
  2. To arrange the lighting system competently;
  3. To create a sufficient level of lighting at the facility.


  1. The inspection was provided at the plant;
  2. Modular LED lamps with convex glass and a lens that refracts the luminous flux and maximizes the illumination angle were selected;
  3. The light level has been restored to normal.


To complete the project, Exel completely recreated the plant in the Dialux program. The optimal type of LPC and the maximum luminous flux were selected, which increased the illumination level several times compared to previous lamps. At the same time, it was also possible to save on energy later.

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