About the project:

Subject: refinery

The factory has 16,000 outdated explosion-proof lights with Dnat lamps.


Maintenance of lights (repair or replacement of lamps) takes a lot of time.

During the repair, it is required to prepare particular documents, write out equipment and work, which also is time-taking. In rare cases, the production stops for a period of such works.

There were also unpleasant injuries.

The goal:

To minimize industrial injuries and maximize the convenience of repairs if needed.


  1. Create an adaptive lighting system;
  2. Maximize the service life of the fixtures;
  3. Make repairs convenient and fast.


  1. Inspection at the plant was provided;
  2. LED lighting systems were developed with a remote LED driver at a convenient height with a single set of spare parts;
  3. The light level was restored to normal.


In the project, we used an individual approach: we conducted a survey, which allowed us to create an LED lighting system with a maximum warranty period. All LED power supplies were placed in cabinets at a convenient height to ensure a quick and timely repair. Previously, all lighting was divided into groups, and zoning was calculated. Now, when repairing one group of lamps in a room, you can continue to work. Also, replacing the LED driver now takes no more than 15 minutes and does not require high-risk work.

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