EXELED ™ is the world’s first replaceable LED module system for explosion-proof lighting, which was developed using the idea of customization (patented solution).

The use of replaceable LED modules for explosion-proof lighting solves a huge range of technical problems, which in the past might have required dozens of different luminaires from different manufacturers.

The EXELED ™ luminaire fully embodies the key feature of the LED light source, namely, the point-like emission. This feature makes it possible to obtain any luminous intensity curve not by placing many diodes in space but by using secondary optics. By simply replacing the lenses (available only at the enterprise), we can get various KCC – uniform, wide or concentrated (spotlight), semi-wide (analog of a fluorescent lamp), and others.

Also, by combining universal replaceable LED modules into assemblies of 2,3,4 luminaires, you can get a luminous flux from 800 to 20,000 lumens from each assembly.

In addition to the reasons described above that affect the inefficiency of using LED lamps, others are no less important.

First, it is known that the use of modular LED light makes it possible not only to switch lighting, as is practiced in traditional lighting systems but also to implement smooth dimming. This function is especially in demand at industrial enterprises, in workshops where the constant presence of technical personnel is not required. Meanwhile, practically nowhere in industrial workshops, this function is realized.

Secondly, in accordance with the normative documentation (SP52.13330.2016), the initially set illumination of the object increases by 1.5 times, so by the time “L70” is reached, the illumination reaches the standard value. Thus, the consumer is faced with a situation when the cost of electricity in the first 5-10 years of operation of the facility is 1.5-3 times higher than the norm.

The use of patented solutions for the remote location of current drivers in EXELED ™ luminaires allows the consumer to move to the next level in the creation of industrial lighting systems.

The company “Exel” proposes to use LCP, lighting control panels, in the development of lighting projects. The panels are designed for address control of operating modes (0–100% power) of modular LED light and its automatic diagnostics. The panel controller can be configured to turn on/off the lighting line, according to the internal astronomical schedule and external influences: using light sensors, motion sensors, and (or) the automated workstation of the control room.

The advantages of the control system include:

  • elimination of the need for high-rise work for up to 20 years;
  • illumination of workplaces will always correspond to the standard by 100%;
  • energy consumption will be optimized, and the service life of the lamps will be increased;
  • protection against overheating in workshops where hot air accumulates under the ceiling;
  • possibility of the remote location of drivers;
  • minimization of traumatic situations at work;
  • reducing the cost of maintenance.