Explosion-proof LED lighting can become unusable for one of the following reasons: failure of the LED or power supply due to overheating or overcooling, a short circuit due to moisture condensation. Faced with a breakdown, the customer very often may face the following picture: a lighting, even produced by a leading manufacturer, turns out to be unrepairable. Then you have to buy new lighting.

There are main design factors for the inaccessibility of LED lamp repair:

First. The LED module cannot be replaced (the LED in such luminaires, as a rule, is

filled with a compound, or is inaccessible due to the tightness of the plafond);

Second. The driver cannot be replaced (the driver is completely filled with a compound or does not have a terminal block for disconnecting and replacing with a new one).

The above and many other factors affect the economic efficiency of explosion-proof LED luminaires because you don’t have any ability to fix LED lights and need to spend money on a new one. The designers of the Exel company considered them when creating the modern EXELED ™ luminaire.

What we did: our lamps’ bodies exist for 40 years thanks to the coating, and the LED bulbs exist for 10 years without loss of brightness. Besides, depending on the project, we can give a guarantee for the luminaire from 7 to 10 years, which is a really long period. In addition to providing an extended warranty, the EXELED ™ lighting has the ability to change both the LED and driver.

The main advantage is that it is possible to fix LED lights right in the factory. Your repair service can replace parts by itself. It is spelled out in our operating instructions.